Thursday, June 16, 2011

battery powered track light

I just completed an order which included a battery powered track light. I'm quite pleased with the final product although it did end up requiring more work than I first thought. For one, I had to mill out part of the channel (base) interior so the battery I had selected would fit. The final product is quite nice however.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back from London - definitely not richer but possibly wiser!

Well, let's hit the high points of the KDF show first - well organized, nice venue, many quality dealers who are also, naturally being miniaturists, very nice people to meet and talk to. Many complements on my designs and work BUT not enough people actually following up by opening their wallets. Mind you the economy and a 20% sales tax doesn't help, but STILL! Fortunately we stayed on for and extra 10 days and really enjoyed London. We were told that it was the warmest, driest spring ever and we only had 1/2 hour of rain in the whole time we were there. Did a lot of museum visiting.
Well, back to the drawing board: I am filling a number of orders for battery operated lights including one for one of my e head track light units and a fireplace flicker unit. There seems to be a market for that at least for now.
 I saw some commercial (and to be fair - much cheaper - and old fashioned styled) battery operated LED table lights and a chandelier at the Vancouver Miniatures show on Sunday and they were really very cold/bluish. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone right now.