Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New small table - and trying to show the figured wood top

I was rummaging through my "nice pieces of wood to use some day" and came across a chunk of figured maple that the late great Ken Manning (of mini instruments fame) gave. I decided that it would work well in a small table so I put together what I think is a quite elegant little piece. The trick is showing people the amazing figure in the maple top. I finally decided that short of a video, the best way would be to take several pictures from the same vantage point, and rotate the table so the top does its magic. It still isn't as good as actually seeing the changes as you move your head, but is a step in the right direction. The table is about 3 " (7.5 cm) long and the maple is trimmed with ebony.

The jig(s) is up.

Ouch - terrible pun. In any event, moving right along, I recent had an order for one the classic Reitveld Red-Blue chairs, which is one of my all time favourite designs, although I wouldn't actually sit in one unless forced to. It is VERY low, and obviously not well padded. 
It also is a "challenge" to make.  Each of the "sticks is less than 3/32 " square (2.5 mm) which is a very small gluing surface. In addition, everything has to be perfectly square. I do 2 things to help me keep my sanity making the chair; I use lots of jigs and Scotch - no, no, brass pins, to hold the joints.
In no particular order, here are some snaps of the various jigs being used in the construction process.