Monday, April 26, 2010

lessons learnt at the Chicago International

The Chicago show proved to be somewhat stressful, but resulted in enough orders for me to return a happy camper. My new lights were very positively received and my new plug setup worked exactly as I had hoped- no lights flickered and/or died during the entire show and when required, it was very easy to unplug any given light. I'm definitely going to recommend to clients that I install lights in roomboxes using this kind of plug.

I displayed an Art Deco/Moderne room and it also drew many favourable comments, but I also found that some people found the light temperature (colour) too cool. I had been trying for that effect, as fluorescent lights were very new in the 30's and would have been cutting edge fashion, but I found that most viewers prefer a warmer look. These photos show what the difference would sort of be like - I'm cheating and using photoshop for now. The top one is warmed up, the bottom one is as I displayed.


  1. I think that with the energy changes away from using incandescent lighting within a decade people will come to think yellow incandescent lighting looks very strange to them.

  2. I can definitely see the difference! It gives the room an entirely different feel. I like them both, but the bottom one is definitely colder feeling.

  3. Felicidades! por las cosas tan lindas que hay en este blog ( =

  4. Love the fireplace! I like the whiter lighting. Your furniture is amazing!


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