Monday, June 21, 2010

getting from the “bright idea” to making the flickering sign

It always seems to end up this way; I get a good idea, figure out the hard part, and spend hours and/or days on what was supposed to be the simple part. The flickering electronics part of the seedy hotel room sign is worked out, tested and approved. Now “all“ that remains is making the letters for the sign itself. Once upon a time it would have been easy to get all kinds of stencils so I could airbrush the background and the lettering of the sign. Now of course everything is done with computers and finding Letraset and/or stencils is really difficult. Looks like I may have to cut my own; something I was hoping to avoid so I could save time. I’ve spent more time looking for time savers than it will actually take me to cut the darn things.


  1. Good that you've made some progress with the sing as I can't wait to see it :)

  2. Peter, have you looked into making your own decals on actual decal paper? You print what you want in the font and size you want and go from there. Any of the larger hobby shops in Vancouver should be able to help you. I believe of is made by Testors.



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