Monday, October 22, 2012

My how time flies when one does not focus. There were a few distractions like illnesses and the like, but mainly inertia that stopped me from keeping the blog up-to-date. Let's see if I can do better.
The Good Samaritan Showcase of Miniatures is a beautifully run show (all by volunteers) in the San Jose California area. We (my wife Jeremie and I) had a good time and enjoyed a couple days visiting friends in San Francisco after the show.
Now it's back to work. I've added a couple of new art deco - moderne pieces that are variations on some earlier pieces of mine.
the front is Red Heart
yes, they are drawers

Top in Brazilian Cherry , base is Padauk 


  1. Hi Peter, I'm glad you're back and sorry about the distractions. I love your work---

  2. So happy you are posting again. These are so beautiful. Love moderne with an "e." :D

  3. Beautiful pieces of furniture - understated and elegant, and so in character for the period.


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