Sunday, April 24, 2011

some new lights as well

Getting some more new items ready  - this time a Deco style light fixture, which has a background made using French banding from the 1930's - we won't see anything like it again.
same light - one off one on, about 2.5" 6cm in diameter

about 2.75" or 7 cm in diameter
The second light can be a vanity or dressing table light - it would also work as a chandelier I suspect. The centre is a glass mirror. It's a tad hard to see, but the backing is a black hexagon shape. Both fixtures use LEDs


  1. Wonderful lights! So creative! I'm hoping to make my first LED chandelier soon. I find so much inspiration on your blog!

  2. Hmmmm like this. Will be in touch as soon as I recover from my trip back East. CM


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