Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More new furniture

I've been focusing on furniture lately, partly because I can only have so many room boxes on hand (sort of LOL). I came across another interesting Paul Frankl design that I modified slightly  - a low bookcase. This piece clearly shows the influence oriental designs had on Mr Frankl. I took this photo of it beside the coffee table I recently made as well. The bookcase is about 29 scale inches high.

Based on  Paul Frankl originals
thing-of-purpose table
I recently came across a napkin ring that just begged me to get it and do something with it; so I did. The result is a table about 17 scale inches tall, with a acrylic top. I'll have something on it when I take photos for the web site, but I sort of like the "art photo/sculpture" aspect of this shot.

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  1. Fantasticos los muebles chinos y la idea de la argolla de servilleta es ahora una preciosa mesa moderna!
    Un abrazo


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